Generation Ami-Movie Review

A film with heart-warming message, its about the young, their dreams, and desire to break-free. Generation Ami, a film with total breakdown of communication across generations, despite technology supposedly making communication easier. Apu, the protagonist dreams of becoming a songwriter but because of his content set of parents who forced him to nothing beyond IIT.

The film has some incredibly touching moments, a strong bond between the cousins and some worm relationships to get self taught with ideologies. And yes!! absolutely flawless act by the whole cast. All the content of the film lead to different cinematic points, one which revolves around the confrontation of Apu and his fathers as he prepares to attend the music festival of Gaanwala. And yes, the sister-brother bond of Durga-Apu, is so overwhelming, teaches us a true sense of humanity and integrity.

A film with so much of reality, beautifully portrays a generation and communication gap between parents and children. That misleads to brutality, this film absolutely conveys today’s real world, it is truly based on the content parents and their relationship with their children. On the other hand, Durga who was mentally humiliated by her parents, who were separated for their personal reason and didn’t bother to take care of their only daughter which lead her to commit suicide twice. The later one succeeded. Durga died, she was depressed, she was cheated. The contrary between the two set of parents, the contradiction between their guidance, the set of emotions, that everything makes this film a winner. And actors obviously, Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Souraseni Maitra everyone just slayed their character with a winning performance.

Generation Ami!!

Truly the name itself portrays the fact!!


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