URI- The Surgical Strike- movie review

URI- The Surgical Strike keeps you on the edge of your seats right from very beginning. The best war film I have ever witnessed, the credit goes to the entire cast, Aditya Dhar, in his debut directional URI, has successfully delivered a film with the perfect blend of josh and action all throughout. Vicky Kaushal as Major Vihaan Shergill has truly slayed his character in the film. The story of the movie is a winner itself, it charges emotionally with every victory.

Vicky Kaushal truly impresses with his dedication to play the character, body language, his physique is extremely convincing.  A stunning game play through the surgical strike is worthy enough to dedicate an evening for the film. No such moment is probable from the beginning, it fully shows us the struggle Army at the borders.

And, the best part of the film, if anyone asks me after watching the film, “How’s the josh?” , it will definitely be “High Sir”.

A total engaging film is a best start of my 2019, this drama incorporates the events that led to the surgical strikes of 2016. The film scores higher on the technical, the gunfire shots were realistically shot. Everyone played a commendable job, Yami and Kirti were given small roles, but they also redefined their potential with huge amount of ability.

A fitting tribute to the Indian Army!!

And definitely,

“How’s the josh?”

“High Sir”.




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