Happy Birthday Legend

Happy birthday legend, birthday wishes to Soumitra Chatterjee, India’s one of the most revered actors, you are truly a persona to cherish forever. You are the greatest actor the country has produced, may you live a million more years and continue to enthrall us with your cinema. Witnessing your performance on screen has been the most wonderful memories, innumerable ideologies has engulfed me with legendary thrills. Living legend, yes, that’s what we call you, the multiple National award winning actor, who was Satyajit Ray’s muse, remains Bengali’s hidden treasure.

Chatterjee’s association with Ray spanned over three decades, 14 films together has truly defined his potential all throughout. A perfect personification to have respect for, a true feluda, a true person at total. Chatterjee who acted in epoch-making films like Pather Panchali, Apur  Sansar, Sonar Kella has framed him with honour of respect. Being a fan of Soumitra Chatterjee, I feel myself lucky to touch his feet and have a talk with him in person. He is truly a legend to  be worshiped, he is absolutely a persona to die for. A romantic hero, sometimes a goyenda, sometimes a doting ‘Thakurpo’, he has just wandered us with every kind of roles for decades and decades.

Till now, a poetry lover in Prakton, an ill father in Mayurakshi , he is still slaying and redefining his act with every films. A sparkling body language and a fire in his deep eyed has made him a true legend, defining every roles with same amount of energy. From Apur Sansar to Ghare Baire, he has done it all. He is not just an actor, but the pride of Bengali film industry. So, wishing the legend a  prosperous birthday.


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