A Dream Meet with Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond, a true legend, an author who has gifted us hundreds and hundreds of stories, which sometimes gave us immense solace and sometimes taught us perspective of life. I have shared innumerable memories with his stories from long back to childhood and that I’ll surely cherish for the years to come. In the world of literature, he’s possibly one of the finest stars of the galaxy, from the stories of Dehra or the perspectives of mountains, he’s too good at narrating the ones. And it has been my dream to meet him once since my childhood memories and today  got a chance to meet him in person and have a few words with him.


It is the luckiest day of my life, I have been widely fortunate to meet some of  my favourite authors for last few years, and today was possibly the best one, the lucky one. The author who has been my inspiration from the school days, is still helping me to find crazy times, either with Uncle Ken or the having adventures with Rusty. What else!!! there’s s much to tell about him. He has entertained us not only with his short stories, he has been immensely popular with the novels like “With love from the hills”, “The room on the roof” and “A fight of pigeons”. A session today at Kolkata Literary meet, Victoria Memorial Hall was lit, a session about Christie’s novels and the spookiness all around , it was fun with the moderator Malabika Banerjee.


A day with Ruskin Bond, a little talk with him is my kind of comfort zone. republic day, 26th Jan, 2019 will always be in my luckiest list to cherish forever. A dream meet with him, yes that’s what I’m defining my day with favourite note. At last I got all of my books signed by him, I haven’t click a picture with him but I have met him, I have been lucky enough to get his autograph, that matters the most to me.


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  1. Pooja Matta says:

    Can completely relate to your excitement!


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