Being a fan of t2.

A newspaper is always a  part of everyone’s daily life, the first thing we are accustomed to do everyday is flipping through the pages of newly printed news. Its very much essential to know about daily doses of catchy headlines, but at the same time, there is one such newspaper, I’m very much attached to is t2. Yes, this is the only one where I can readily share my views on my favourites. They give their readers so much opportunities to express ourselves in the columns of their pages.


t2, the name itself is a winner, with so much authenticity in travel blogs or campus chatter or some movie reviews, they are always magnificent. I’ve been widely fortunate to meet few of my favourite celebrities over the last couple of years with grace of them. The first invitation I received from t2 was all about attending a session at Taj Bengal with Stephen Alter, it was truly glorious and one of the best days to have a chat with the veteran author Mr. Alter who portrayed his journey in search of sacred and sublime in his new book “Becoming a mountain”. Getting a copy of his book signed by such wonderful storyteller was worth remembering.


After such bonding with t2, it began to be my most favourite one, I can’t begin my day unless I read t2, it really adds to the relish of my morning tea, it truly satisfies my reading taste, which consists of celebrities and sometimes literature. t2 covers up every kind of commercial strategies from fests to films and books to travel, it is sum of a perfect newspaper with ample amount interest amongst the readers.

Within a few weeks of meeting Mr. Alter, one fine afternoon I received a mail from t2 which depicted a dream invitation to meet Chetan Bhagat, yes I was overwhelmed with bundle of joy. The day of meeting him in person, have to chat with him in person was definitely brightest nightmare coming true just because of t2 people. Thanks a ton peeps for making us feel so important, thanks for making us so comfortable during the invitations and yes, thanks for entertaining furiously like none have done before.


This was not the end, I got invitation to attend the trailer launch of Raees in collaboration with Red Chillies, and OMG!! I got a chance to talk to SRK through video call. I will cherish my innumerable memories , shared with t2 every year, every day. After a years gap, t2 turned 11 and they thought of celebrating  its birthday with a warm welcome party of their readers at Swissotel, Kolkata. It was the finest moment of my life, meeting new friends and the people whom I write for  and having a blast with all was really a super cool experience over all.

So. this year also, we, few of the dedicated readers and feedback contributors of t2 decided  to compliment them with a surprise drop in their office, to wish them a wonderful 12 th birthday with few gifts for them. Last week on 9th, we were at their place, chatting and discussing our hearts out with all the editors along.

So,t2, you are truly my point of fondness, you are the mirror of undefining thoughts, so I am absolutely in love with you guys!!

From, Joyita,  a fan of yours..

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