Gully Boy review

Gully Boy is the wonderful story of a young man who is breaking free through street rap. Zoya Akhtar, the director of the film has beautifully portrayed the unconventional ideas about the outcoming topic on rap and gives us a film which shines a light on those who have, over the years, been made invisible in mainstream Bollywood mainly the minorities, the underclass who have no access to the fancy society of wealthy India.

What do all the artistes have in common? Struggle, disheartening adversity, a society that doesn’t understand your art, which is so careful about everyone’s image, but doesn’t care about your passion. No privileges at all. Just the long, hard, lonely walk without any sort of help. Zoya Akhtar’s lead character Murad is true example of the underdog who rises from the slums of Dharavi and doesn’t believe in Slumdog Millionaires. But he believes in telling his story through his music, his rap. He wants to portray his voice through his rap to establish himself in the society.

Gully Boy is a pulsating salute to the new angry India and its youth,’ says Aseem Chhabra who watched Zoya Akhtar’s movie at the Berlin film festival.

Gully Boy, absolutely an underdog story shining a light on India’s hip-hop culture is entertaining, inspiring from the beginning to end. Whether it be the dialogues or scripts, they are enthralling and inspiring. The characters of the film are decently portrayed, they have their own significance throughout the film. Dissent finds a way with every drop of bit.

All total, its delight to eyes, a perfect holiday with this film is absolutely entertaining and inspiring. A journey of a slum boy makes you feel inspired with every single deliveries of the film. Ranveer Singh, proving himself better with every film, this is no doubt one of his best performances in recent time. And Alia Bhatt, she shines as always with her shining act.


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