5 Best Weekend Getaways from Top Indian Cities

After a hectic schedule of working lists of weekdays, weekends are always meant to have fun. A short trip with family and friends in the weekends can help you to relax, every city has some of the glorious parts along the countryside which is perfect to glorify a short trip every time. This blog mainly portrays on the theme of best weekend getaways where you can spend your fun weekend.

1.Goa: Full of fun:

When we are talking about best possible getaways in Mumbai, Goa is the first thing that pops in our mind. This stunning beach in goa is full of adventure and fun! Whether you’re seeking a family getaway or with friends, this pick will never fail you to get entertainment from.


 2.Sundarbans National Park: Wildlife:

Sundarbans National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and being one of the most famous national parks in India. Bengal tiger, crocodile and leopard cat are just a new names among the many animals that call this place their home. If you are fond of wildlife, then its possibly the best place to visit nearest to Kolkata.



3.Mysore: Heritage:

If you are in search of royalty and heritage, Mysore is the best place which will satisfy your need to witness culture and glory. The city of royalty, Mysore pulls travellers from across the world.  Still serving as royal residence, Mysore Palace stands as an architectural gem inspiring everyone.


4.Udaipur: Romance:

Udaipur is the Venice of East indeed. The city of lakes, Udaipur can actually be considered as most wonderful weekend getaway. There is something magical about this city, sunset and narrow streets, everything makes this city a wonder destination of India. Royalty gets redefined here, whether it be the palaces or the delegacy of the pink city, it glorifies thoughts of having a perfect weekend.


 5.Kaas: Nature and botany:

If you are fond of nature and beauty, then you should have a visit at perfect monsoon getaway beautified with flowers of different hues, Kaas is the Valley of Flowers of Maharashtra. Upholding the beauty of nature and mesmerising the refinement of attractiveness is the key power of this valley.




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