Countdown to IPL 2019

The Indian Premier League is not just a tournament that is only dominated by batsmen, bowlers have also single-handledly won matches for their teams. While there were rains of gigantic sixes and boundaries, bowlers also didn’t disappoint us throughout the matches.

IPL 2019 begins on 23rd March, when its few days away, fans are really excited to witness the ever entertaining T20 tournament.

Every year, the top players from the world make a grand entry to enlighten us with their skills. Over the past 11 editions, IPL has given us many mind-blowing moments of enlighten moods, emotions and happiness.

This season, 8 teams will be competing with each other for the championship, and like every year, this year also we are having lots of expectations and favourites from the league. Here we are having a look on the favourite 4 teams in the upcoming season.

1.Kolkata Knight Riders:

It’s the team of city of joy, it’s the team of Badshah SRK, its all about the emotions attached to their glory .KKR is one of the most successful in the history of IPL. With two IPL trophies, they have always showed us their potential to get into semi finals every year. They also have an exciting squad this year. With a league of Chris Lynn, Russel, we are very much sure that they will enlight us with their superior presence once again.


This one is also among our favourites. A perfect blend of top scorer including Dhoni makes this team superior than others. With a record of top performers every year, this team has so wonderful fan following alongside and much expectations from the fans.

3.Rajasthan Royals:

The inaugural champions of IPL  have been quite impressive and this year also, we are expecting Steve Smith to blow out with sixes in the matches.

4.Sunrisers Hyderabad:

One of the strongest teams in the history of IPL, SRH has been a star. An army of superior players and best bowlers have been a delight to watch.

So, we, the fan of IPl are waiting to witness this season with higher expectations.





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