Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in India

Beaches are one of the best creations of nature, where Sun, Sand and Sea come together to celebrate their love. A place to feel freedom, relax and enjoy the every moment of your life. If you want to cherish one of the most pleasant moments of your life, you should definitely visit the beaches. Here is the list of most beautiful beaches in India.

Goa – Calangute, Baga and Palolem Beach:

Goa is a land of most exotic beaches in India, these beaches of Goa are counted as the best tourist destination in India. Goa is popular for its exotic beaches, tasty cuisines and mix culture. Goa is famous for its variety of beaches all along, if you wish to spend your holiday at any exotic locations in India, then its definitely should be Goa.



Karnataka – Gokarna and St. Mary’s Islands Beach:

All the beaches in Karnataka have a unique continuity with lush green and naturally attractive. If you are fond of beaches, you should not miss this one, which offers most attractive beaches in the world.



Andamans and Nicobar Islands – Radhnagar and Elephant Beach:

Andamans and Nicobar Island are known for their exotic untouch and virgin beaches. Radhnagar Beach,  Harminder Bay Beach, Ramnagar Beach, Nicobar beaches and Karmatang Beach are few most popular beaches in Andaman Island. Most worthy and scenic beauty will mesmerise you.



Tamil Nadu – Kanyakumari, Marina and Covelong Beach:

Tamilnadu is famous for its blue beaches and sunny skies, Some of the nicest beaches are Marina beach,Kanyakumari Beach, Mahabalipuram beach. Tamil Nadu is the land of wonderful beaches and if you are very much fond of  having a holiday in the lap of beaches, you should be here with the nearest ones.


Orissa – Puri, Chandipur  and Gopalpur Beach:

Orissa Beaches are famous for there golden sand and blue water. Exquisite Beaches of Orissa includes Puri,Chandipur, Golpalpur beach, Talasari beach and Balaramgadi beach. Beach fantasy will make you feel delighted.




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