Mouth-Watering Bengali Sweet Dishes You Have To Try

Bengalis are incomplete without a plate of sweets, it gives us immense pleasure to have sweets on any occasion . A meal in a Bengali household is incomplete without the final serving of mishti doi or rasgulla. Due to our fascination for any kind of sugary goodness, we have a plethora of recipes for Bengali sweet dishes. Here is the list of mouth watering sweets that you must try.



Traditionally prepared during the festival of Makar Sankranti, patishapta is the Bengali version of crepes. We definitely get cravings for this freshly prepared meal and this is definitely the one we don’t want to miss at any condition.



Nolen Gur er Payesh:

It can be considered as an Indian version of a rice pudding. This is so delicious and not to be missed. The sweet quotient of payesh is so mesmerising. Wintry season in Bengal is much more special due to this.


Bhapa Doi:

A loose English translation of the name would be steamed/baked yoghurt. This delicious Indian dessert is a slight twist over the quintessential Bengali mishti doi. Our meal is incomplete without this dessert. We crave for the sweetest doi in our town.



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