Taste of Bengal- Saptapadi

Bengali Cuisine, it is a cuisine that is vast and elaborate, but every time someone asks me, ‘What comprises Bengali Cuisine?’, I falter for a while as there is no simple answer to that. There are so many layers to the cuisine, so many regional variations and if we probe into the evolution of the cuisine, it will also reflect the history of Bengal.

Visiting Saptapadi has always been in my bucket list and I am so glad to visit the place today.


The Name Saptapadi came from a popular bengali Movie named ” Saptapadi ” staring Mahanayak Uttam Kumar and Suchitra sen . Remember the evergreen song ” Ei Poth Jodi Na Sesh Hoy ” ? It was the Music of the movie Saptapadi .

The restaurant is decorated with the snaps of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar and Suchitra sen all over the Place and the ambience truly had a perfect feel of Bengal’s authenticity.


Poila Boisakh is at our doorstep and the new menu launch including  a thali was such a wonderful journey to be a part of. Non veg thali with plain rice, fish fry with sorshe and dhone pata,Phool kofir jhol and kasha mangso is just a delight.

Lichu r sarbot with kacha lanka flavour is exotic, complimentary and creative. Its a win to have this as freshener in your daily meal.


One of the best places to have authentic bengali food with not much of spice and oil is really mouth watering and delicious. I really loved the food with a feel of home made dishes and the desserts were too good. Gondhoraj Caramel custard is one of the most flavoursome dishes I have ever had, custard but with a flavour of Gomdhoraj lebu and caramel is something accurate mixing of two different flavours.


Aamer chatni and papod is obviously the best dessert in our Bengali cuisine, after a meal, we can really enjoy these two with a great compliment. It was all total wonderful experience of my first visit to Saptapadi. I would really love to be there again and again.


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