Walking through nostalgic North Kolkata


Let’s take a ride through the streets of North Kolkata, let’s savor the sweet cherished memories of being a resident of Sovabazar. Sutanuti, North Kolkata is crucial for its refinement and polished art, culture, music, cuisines, heritage and philosophy. Let’s roam around the oldest rich delicacies that can truly swoon the world with great success!! Being a Bengali and living in the central hub of Kolkata, I have really been fortunate to share my ‘para’ with the delegates and sharing my caste with the famous personas across the world.
Whether be it a rock adda with matched or unmatched gossips, whether be it cultural music or cuisines developed, they have always raised heights to eternity through every households of Bengalis. So, let’s redefine our prosperity and mesmerizing duality we possess since 1860’s.
Chitpur, Baghbazar, Sovabazar, Shyambazar every place holds the divine old history of pure intelligentsia for decades and decades. They all have own nostalgia with the oldest tram routes to connect to Bowbazar area, just a small glimpse of bigger Kolkata, with the book hub College Street, hand pulled rickshaw, old trams, cacophony of the oldest refinements are so wonderful.
Over the years, it acquired many names, city of palaces, blackhole or the graveyard of the British Empire, but to me, Kolkata has always been the city of green shutters. Walking through the streets of North Kolkata is exploring the city’s diverse communities. A walking tour through the lanes of this city of joy is all about exploring its melting pot of cultures and communities with possible fascination. Kolkata’s culture Kaleidoscope and the heritage it offers us is absolutely a winner.


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