Perfect lunch out at Rendezvous – Monotel

When you are planning to have a perfect lunch out on this sultry summer afternoon, Rendezvous – Monotel  is one of the best place to visit whether it be friends outing or a family one.



Firstly, the ambience is divine to spend long hours in there and the buffet lunch is delicious than ever. Now, coming to the food, the starters were so mouth watering and delicious which consisted two veg items as well as chicken starters, both of them were crispy and finger-licking good. When the salad option pops out, the raita and the mayonnaise wrapped veg salad is so tasty that I wasted half of my time having this wonderful salad. Main course had steamed rice, pulao and hakka noodles and the hari murg chicken and Mutton items were awesome.



All total, Rendezvous – Monotel  just won my heart with its wide range of unlimited mocktails and its wonderful hospitality served. Everything tasted so fresh and all the recipes have been authentic with its own flavours.



There’s no doubt a bhuribhoj when you are with your close friends and what could be more indulging than a lavish buffet to celebrate adda with them. And not going to miss the buffet, golab jamun and ice cream is a perfect combination to dig into desserts and pinapple pie cake, brownie is the ultimate to freshen up your buffet outing.


I am truly overwhelmed during my second visit in here and I am surely going to visit this place again and again.

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