Durgeshgorer Guptodhon – Review

Durgeshgorer Guptodhon!!!What a film!! Fantastic, I really enjoyed the sequel. Historical background, puzzles and Nostalgia of Bengal, all total it is a marvel. My second time watch is much more reliable that I couldn’t keep myself away to pen down my refinement attached to the film. Great chemistry between the lead roles, true spirit of Durga Puja with our treasure hunt keeps you and crossed till the end. ” Guptadhaner sandhane” was also a pleasant watch but is sequel is much better upgradation of the previous one.
A perfect entertainment from first to end!!! A perfect blend of long forgotten Bengali history, a beautiful environment of Durga Puja perfectly time mixture of beauty and brain. Depicted fantastically this trio of Sona Da, Abir and Jhinuk never failed to entertain us. With the historical plot, treasure hunt episode was fully dramatic. Storyline is damn good I am so well scripted. The guptodhon of Debroy family , the history the portrayal of filmography enchanted me. Sonada and team embarks on his new adventure, request that will take them to the legendary Durgeshgorer. Containing of Bengal’s rich culture and history and tradition, refreshing and strong feel will give you goosebumps.
You will surely impress the two hour long journey with the tradition and the richest contention Bengal has ever witnessed.

Hats off to Abir Chatterjee for portraying the character of Sona Da with this much elegance and kudos to Arjun Chakraborty and Ishaa Saha for such lovely on screen chemistry.

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