Alaadin Movie Review

What can I say!! When you hear that one of your favourite Disney Classics is going to be recreated for live action, you are already excited enough. Through the two hours of Arabian is nothing but a nostalgic dream come true for me which celebrates love, hope, freedom and destruction of evil.

Mena Massoud, who portrays Alaadin is the guy to fall for at a very first sight, Naomi Scott is convincing royally elegant and Will Smith is surely the best one to play the role of Ginni, a winner at every moment.

With Alaadin, I am able to journey through my childhood days, cherished memories of  “A Whole New World”.

Thank you Guy Ritchie for creating the refreshing emotions through this efficient film,thank you Disney for gifting us a magic carpet ride through a magical world of beauty far away from Lustreless reality. This film flourishes nothing but love, beauty ,innocence and hand full of surprises. It’s a great film to watch, a classic to be cherished forever.

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