Delights of a Debut Author

Author!! Yes, that’s what everyone will call me from now on. I had never dreamed of being an author from my childhood, still I’m here today, going to publish my debut book within few days. Book launch, book publishing, book reviews that’s all are going to be a part of my life.

From childhood, I used to cook up new stories and narrate them to people, but now when it’s really going to be a perfect journey of a story-teller to everyone irrespective of friends, family and fans, I’m little nervous. I don’t have any idea how to manage these with kind-hearted sophistication.

When I started my own blog, I never thought of publishing books, but when I finished the story, I couldn’t miss the chance to send the manuscript to Blue Rose Publications. When they approved it, I couldn’t be much happier!! Yes, I am on cloud nine!! So many excitements, expectations are fulfilling right now! Congratulations messages of being an author have started flourishing my feed. I love you all!! Thank you for being a supportive family, pampering my wishes and endless discussions have put me in the right path of being an author.


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