Spiderman-Far From Home -Review

This Tom Holland film is super cool!! He is truly the perfect kid on the block. Different from the other films in the series, this film portrays something wonderful and eye catchy to the fans. Drone attacks, truth vs illusion and the plot is breathtaking. Post-Endgame era, in the absence of Iron Man, Peter Parker wants to burden at all, longing as he is for both father like figure Stark and his love interest MJ. A school  trip for Parker turns out to be hijacked by the rise of a superhero like Mysterio who claims to be from another Earth. After a sequence of Spider series, this is something against the dark world and tech savy life.

Far from Home is a full on heroic triumph, Tom Holland slays like always, Gyllenhaal is perfect for Mysterio and Zendaya is as pretty as her character.

Simultaneously, humorous and heartfelt, entertaining & action packed sequel is an exploration of Peter Parker’s grief moving on in a post Endgame world. Tony Stark’s best hope, Spiderman never fails to entertain us like anything. A wild ride with full swing is something so wonderful to watch. A cherished memory with far from home is so soothing.


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