Happy Birthday Calcutta!!!

Happy Birthday to the city of joy, the city which celebrates it’s 329th birthday today. A city with a soul, a city with a heart, you really can’t look beyond this, the memories attached to the city will always embrace you!! The cultural capital of India which has embraced a spawn generations of poets, writers and mesmerising films is truly marvellous.

Being a citizen of Kolkata, I feel proud to accept the rich culture and polished refinement and receive the nostalgia wholeheartedly.

Kolkata, the name itself carries something so significant which has a particular essence and relevance to attract people for years and years. The fascinating city with superior taste of refinement is a perfect place to enhance sophistication of intellectual civilization.

If someone asks me ” Why Kolkata is so special?”, my one and only answer will be- “Why not?”

A city so close to my heart, a city which has helped me to be what I am today, wishing you a wonderful birthday today! A glory of 300 years and more will be etched to my heart till the end.

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