Book Launch-I Still Love You

Book Launch, yes its a very common place for me where I go to cover up events once a month at least. But I have never thought I would have my own book launch so soon at the final year of my college. So, debut author, debut book, publishing procedure everything is very new to me, I was nervous when my elder brother organized an event to launch my book.

JDSC_2593 (1).jpg

I was excited to share my stories with my readers, a galaxy full of audience and I was in the way of exploring new things about myself.

Thank you Oxford Bookstore for providing me a platform which has been glorified with 100 years of refinement, thank you for letting me launch my very first book in one of the oldest bookstores in Kolkata.


Thank you Blue Rose Publishers for having faith in my work and letting me to explore my story to my readers.

Thank you Kaushik for being such wonderful moderator for my session.

Thank you Ma for supporting me always and Bhaida, Tanmay Basak for being my constant support system throughout my journey.
Thank you my dearest friends for believing me and my capabilities, without you all I would be incomplete.
Lastly, thank you Jaydeep da for clicking this precious frame which I can cherish forever.

JDSC_2628 (1).jpg

The book ‘I Still Love You’ is a combination of love, sarcasm and a decent message for the readers. Some people are very good at making new decisions, Armaan is one of them. Being a son of a celebrity industrialist, everything was at his doorstep. Still he wants to pursue his dreams for satisfaction and success. Indu, a common girl from Charanpur village is struggling to create her own existence as a doctor in spite of her messed up life. Difficulties have engulfed her situation and being a girl from an under-privileged family, she herself needs to modify her decisions to be the one outstanding. The story starts when they meet, when their world comes closer. What will happen? That’s what ‘I Still Love You’ will portray.



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