Durga Puja- an emotion full of colors and tradition

Celebrated in the autumn season in Kolkata, Durga Puja spans over 10 days filled with packed elaborate rituals. You can find a stunning display of creativity and art in the form of themed pandals. It is nearly impossible to pen down the excitement of Durga Puja in Bengal.

When someone asks me “What is so special about Durga Puja?” my answer remains the same “what not?”



It is a festival full of thousands of colors and traditions, it is mixture of profound serenity and beauty all through. Pandal hopping, having prasad and giving Anjali, all are very crucial part of Durga Puja. Like every year, I have started pandal hopping everyday since Chothurti, having lots of food daily, walking miles and miles to see the idols. Being a Bengali, I never miss the golden opportunity to enjoy each and every moment of the traditions of Durga Puja. Living in the heart of North Kolkata, whether it be a club puja or bonedi barir puja, I enjoy every rituals with respect and prosperity.



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