Knives Out – Movie Review

“My House, My Rules, My Coffee!!!”

The film starts with a delightful value of extreme effective content. Harlan, a wealthy writer who was found dead the very next morning of his birthday, Police comes to investigate along with private investigator Blanc, multiple murder suspects come up. Inspired by Christie’s novel, Director Rian Johnson has written a thrilling murder mystery full of revenge, greed and all of above. Throughout the film an essence of proper mysterious layout will keep you glued till the climax.

All, everything about the film ‘Knives Out’ from wonderful direction by Johnson, Craig’s acting and outraging portrayal of character Ransom by Chris Evans, is perfect. Well-defined murder film and fortune ways to screen them is a star factor of the movie. All the protagonists are so effective ensuring their delightful presence from the very beginning of the film.

Watching ‘Knives Out’ will give you smart, stylish and exhilarating feel as any thriller lover could wish for. A murder-most cleverly set in the guidance of a true sharp mind is a mesmerizing watch for mystery lovers. I highly recommend the film ‘Knives Out’.


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