Sagardwipey Jawkher Dhan Review

Sagardwipey Jawkher Dhan,directed by Sayantan Ghoshal is an entertaining film full of adventure and unexpected thrill. Portrayal of an adventurous story with impressive visual effects was awesome,every effects from the underground lair to glowing river to giant wave chasing the boat was realistic.Every character in the movie are good enough in their own way, the way it introduces the characters set up a wonderful story.

Bimal, Kumar and Ruby come across a secret map which leads them to an unknown island with red mercury in findings. The group set off on a journey to find red mercury which can truly solve the world’s fossil fuel crisis and to try to save a little girl.

The story is a complete entertainer, the thrill throughout the film will keep you glued till the climax. A film full of sense of humour, a film full of adventure to the serenity will offer you a complete ideology to watch it again and again. Credit goes to the director, all the actors who made it prominent enough to glorify the story on screen.

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