Before 2019 ends!!!

Just a few days are left in the year 2019. Many stages of massive changes occurred in my life in a positive way. Since 2020 is so close, I came up with the planning of my year before 2019 leaves and a new decade begins. There have been so many ups and downs throughout the year but still I have managed to stay the happiest. I have published my debut book ‘I Still Love You’ in August which has gifted me enough fame and helped me in making a mark in the world of literature. I have launched my book in Oxford Bookstore, Park Street this year, it has always been in my wildest dream list to fulfil.

I have continued my blogging collaboration with ABSU 2k19 as social media partner. I have met eminent personalities from the world of Bengali Literature like Shirshendu Mukhopadhayay, Shonkho Ghosh, Samaresh Majumdar. I have started my own blogging partnership with SVF, I gained opportunities to review their films. Yes, 2019 has been really hectic as well as a great year for me.

One more addition to the list, I got placed in Cognizant, yes new era of professionalism is going to start in few days. Still my work for myself continues, I have interned with Union Journalism, I started working as Interpreter for TED,NY, so many cheers have enlighten me. Yes, 2019 has been a wonderful gift to me totally, I have explored many magnificent aspects of life and I discovered my self-growth as well. Many magazines and bloggers from US have published my author interview, they have critically acclaimed my story. I am so grateful to each and every person who ahs helped me to be what I am today. My family and my friends, they have been integral part of my life, without their support, I wouldn’t be here. Thank you 2019 for being such wonderful to me, you have helped me to learn from mistakes, you have helped me to polish myself. I am happy to welcome new year with new positive vibes. So many especial projects are coming up next year, bigger surprises for my readers!! Wish all my readers a merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!


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