AKLF 2020

Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2020 was lit up with cultural literature sessions and each and every delegates gave major inspirational goals to readers. The 11th edition of AKLF welcomed award winning authors Abhinav Chandrachud, Prayaag Akbar, Shobhaa De,Preeti Shenoy and other personalities from the world of theatre and films like Aparna Sen, Kaushik Sen, Saurabh Shukla attended the event and portrayed their strong views on nationalism and writing cultures. This edition had special focus on relevant issues like Identity and women empowerment.



From the discussion with Vivaan Shah on today’s view of young readers to Kavita Kane’s comments on her session helped us to revisit our thoughts on everyday’s topics. Each and every political aspects were lit through the conversation of influential literary views of Paul Zacharia and Anita Heiss.

Another session on contemporizing the classic: Ghawre Baire Today was so powerful, moderated by Modhurima Sinha,writer.

“Once I create the characters I feel they have lives of their own”- Aparna Sen.

Truly Reena Di has clearly redefined her characters through her films always and they have really been into real life portrayal of a lively personification. Piya Chakraborty, research scholar has added her view on power of generating terror and injustice through contemporary visuals which makes us really engaging in the world of terrible lies.


The next session on the first day was truly mesmerizing, a tribute to Nabaneeta Dev Sen was so serene.

“I think the best way to celebrate Nabaneeta di is read her poetry.”- Aparna Sen.

True,the way of giving a tribute to her soul is to remember her work with readers. Soumitra Chatterjee also had recited few narrations from her poetic works.


On the final day of the event another feel good factor was the eternal appeal of romance, it was a session by Preeti Shenoy, Indian author and Lisa Heidke, Australian Author who shared their views on young romance and their experiences throughout their journey of writing. The next session was the best; it was about -Shut up or Shut down:Dissent and Democracy.

The session was lit with eminent personalities across the country, Abhinav Chandrachud, advocate at Bombay High Court who shared his strong opinion on constitutional views. Others were Prayaag  Akbar, Ruchir Joshi, writer and columnist at Telegraph for decades. Kaushik Sen, an eminent person from the theatre and film industry who had strong handedly portrayed and protested against the political nationalism was also present in the session.

Ruchir Joshi’s commendable words regarding rights to offend and democracy of violance was a huge remarkable area of moderating.

All total, AKLF 2020 was full of new lights and hopes, revisiting glory of literature and different ideologies were explored through memorable aspects of the panelists.


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