Special Ops- Review

The new Hotstar specials webseries is totally intriguing and captivating from very beginning till the end of its 8th episode. Kay Kay Menon is one of the best parts throughout the show and his commendable acting skills leading from the front for the role Himmat Singh. Special Ops series is an action gripping series and takes its own sweet time to glide towards suspenseful climactic buildups. It turns out to be a breathtaking thrilling experience while experiencing this series during quarantine period. 


Here the story continues with Himmat Singh’s investigation for an attack in Parliament, 2001, what is most interesting, the story is backdrop while an enquiry was going on against this officer. This man single mindly handled a special operation against one of the villainous character who was in disguise from the very beginning and this was the most engaging turning point in the plot.


I really loved this series directed by Neeraj Pandey, his master mind truly depicted a very gripping attack sequence with many other characters, assets to Himmat Singh through the story. I recommend everyone to watch this one, you will surely love this.

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