Quarantined Dreams

While we are maintaining proper social-distancing through the darkest lockdown phase in the world, we should train our mind with positive thoughts to overcome this phase. As we all know, a pandemic situation has come up throughout the world due to corona attack, so we are strictly advised by the govt to stay at home and maintain self quarantine to stay healthy.

It was really tough while hearing the news of absolute lockdown of 21 days, and it may extend afterwards, so I have come up with some ideas of making every moment count throughout this phase. My first quote should be ‘stay home, stay safe!!’ and utilize these quarantined time with some valuable ideas which will keep you busy for a day.

For me, I have developed a routine to make use of every activity that I have done or will do in free time. For last few weeks, I have been learning how to write good scripts, I have been watching lots of cinematography and the ways to develop my scripting skills. Yes everything, every social gathering is postponed now, still I hope it will come back to the old phase very soon after all this dark phase. One more helpful hobbies I have developed in last few days is digital painting. I am very new to this profession but still learning my trades to prosper my flourish.
Quarantined dreams, yes I have come up with some dreams throughout the self-isolation time from which I have written and completed a whole script which will be in making of a web series very soon.
I am awfully depressed about the news of covid-19, so I have maintained a daily idea of availing new chances of getting some solidarity all day out. I have started writing daily diary and finally watching up some new video series and web series online. I’ve tried to catch up few knowledge from those about a proper script.
Some of the oldest wish-lists have come up in mind in recent days, like the most fascinating one is reading old Bengali classics, another one is catching up with friends everyday through a proper video chat and ending my day with long gossip about film and industry with mum.
I have recently upgraded myself with basic knowledge of cinema like how all the procedure take place and as I belong from an engineering background my life is full of logical codes and algorithms but I have polished my blogging and writing journey from the very first stage of my study. So, I hereby motivate you all to utilize this long span of time, do whatever make you happiest and keep you positive in the darkest hours.

Once more, stay home stay safe.

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