Gumnaami -Review

Gumnaami, directed by Srijit Mukherjee is a historical mystery drama, based on the implementation of Mukherjee Commission.This is a film that will give an overflow with patriotic, powerful and enthralling emotions, it will make a lifetime experience of literal goosebumps throughout. Prosenjit Chatterjee had wonderfully portrayed his part with the titular character of the film, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Anirban Bhattacharya has also delivered extremely talented performance in the film. Research work of Chandrachur Dhar has been analyzed thoroughly during the hearing of the commission. This film is surely a masterpiece, there is no such factor which can stop you from watching this.

Based on Netaji’s disappearance from the 19’s political plot, this thriller reveals thousands of truths related to the life of such strong character. The controversy regarding his death due to a plane crash will lead you to find the truth behind this.

The truth of every Indian, the truth of every Bengali is hidden in the dissipation of such strong political leader back then. How can a leader like Netaji just disappear in the air of misleading truths? After the hearing of Mukherjee Commission, we can now rely upon the fact that no such news of plane crash was registered on the given date, 18th August,1945, so where from the ashes came? Is it very important to drive away from the most prominent truth India ever had?

I salute Srijit Mukherjee that he has the capability to raise the questions about facts of ‘Gumnaami’ once again with the powerful script he has written. Every actors in the film have portrayed their roles with best efforts which made the film more and more visually magnificent.

Such a wonderful film it is!! Tears rolled down while watching the film, was it a fate, such strong leader doesn’t have any death anniversary. He is still alive in our hearts, in our blood.


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