Lacasa De Papel has won my heart

Yes, I am quite a bit late into the Money Heist party, I have never been addicted to binge- watch any webseries for several days. I have heard my friends giving me much spoilers, erupting Bella ciao for days. So atlast  when I thought of starting the Spanish webseries ‘Lacasa De Papel’  which actually means ‘House of Papers’ or ‘House of money’, it turned out to be very attractive from the first episode of season 1.



Whether it be the mastermind of the heist, Professor, or his team’s charm, it has always been a winner. It is truly one of the best web-shows I have ever watched in recent times. With a list of intriguing characters and detailed elaborate plot, the content has won my heart. Sergio Marquina, better known as the professor is the mastermind responsible for organizing the Royal Mint of Spain robbery and later prepares the plan for the Bank of Spain which had been proposed by Berlin earlier.


The professor entirely controlled every situation as a true perfectionist, his high intelligence is apparent through his careful consideration and planning all possible scenarios that could come up during the heist. His exceptional knowledge in negotiation tactics and police strategy outstands him amongst other members. His planning to make a dream team, his admiration in predicting facts before hand allows him to play a game with Raquel Murillo or Alicia in both the cases.


Despite sticking into his own moral values or rules,  he always managed to shine with his charming plans throughout the heist. So when I started watching this series, its attractive and cunning plot have been an addiction to me, after finishing 38 episodes,  I have fallen for the show or rather I have fallen for the dramatic characters, specially the professor, I have been truly attached to their morality they wanted to establish through their deeds. While the professor is always perfect with his meticulous plan, with a series of fundamental rules and strict schedule he helps his team to prepare and execute any heist even if it turns out to be most dangerous.

So, the positivity in his character helps teammates to have full faith in whatever he has been executing for days and months, he, being a chess player, carefully calculates every move in any kind of crucial situation. From the heist of Royal Mint of Spain to robbery at Bank of Spain, he had never lost his cool despite of some worst failures. When his team workers were having few breakdowns during the heist, he has always held himself responsible and tried his best to correct the mistakes at any cost. Berlin, in-charge of the first heist also proved a strong leadership quality, he never hesitates to die for his team, whether its been Nairobi’s care for everyone or Tokyo’s love and belief to keep her team stronger, everything has been portrayed so remarkably. When I just finished watching season 4, I couldn’t resist for the next season, I’ m totally addicted to the wonderful content of action and planning for the heist.


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