Jamai Sasthi Mahabhoj at Howard Johnson

Jamai Sasthi is almost here, so if you are in search of authentic Bengali dishes for the occasion, Howard Johnson by Wyndham Kolkata is one of the best in town. Regarding the celebration of Jamai Sasthi tomorrow, Howard Johnson has sent us a delicious thali consisting named Mahabhoj consisting of Karaisutir kochuri, cholar dal Narkel diye , Bhaja(Aloo, Potol, Kumro, Begun), Bhaja Moong Dal, Dhokar Dalna, Aam Kasundi Bhetki paturi, Kancha Lonka Bata Murgi, Chingri Malaikari, Thakurr Barir Kosha Mangso, basanti Pulao, Saada Bhaat, Fruit Chutney with Dry fruit, Rosogolla, Misti doi.

Being a

Bengali, I always prefer the authentic taste of any Bengali food, and when it comes to have a huge thali of such delicious dishes along with, I couldn’t miss its appealing aromatic flavors. Whether it be the creamy Malaikari or fleshy Mutton, I had my dinner with a series of  intriguing Bengali dishes for the special occasion of Jamai Sasthi.


I must say, all the dishes from the thali are tasty and flavourful, the authentic bhetki paturi is so delish, the sorshe flavor always enchants me and the Kacha Lonka Bata Murgi is one of the most unique and genuine dishes I have ever tasted. The smoky flavor along with the basic aroma of green chili is mouthwatering. After having a grand dinner with the most famous combo of polao and Kosha mangso, the authentic dessert Rosogolla and misti doi from Kolkata is a must. I am really thankful to Howard Johnson for gifting us the Mahabhoj thali on the occasion of Bengali’s one of the eventful day of Jamai Sasthi.

While we are struggling through the darkest hours during the pandemic and we don’t have the option to go out and celebrate the eventful day, but you still can make your special day better with the Mahabhoj Thali from Howard Johnson.

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