Lockdown e Dildown

While we are going through the darkest hours of pandemic due to corona, a refreshing short film “Lockdown e Dildown” will give you a reviving feel. PS Creation has come up with a wonderful story of love during these boring hours.

I must say this story is so engaging, while portraying a simple love story, it turns to be a comic one. This short story features some well-known actors from Tollywood and they have beautifully portrayed a plot of daily life through a superb storyline.

During the lockdown, the same goes for dildown too? I hope not, but this short film has few glimpses of comic consequences throughout heartbreak. While we are experiencing so much indifferences through our daily life due to the pandemic out break, this story is truly a refreshing one.

Written and Directed by Antaheen Partha, the casts include the very talented  Debraj Mukherjee, Tanusree Goswami, Ridhish Chowdhury, Boni Mukherjee, Sovan Roy, and Labani Mondal.

I recommend this funny watch to everyone, it will surely uplift your mood in an instance. The simplicity of this short with a pure plot will enchant you.


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