Gulabo Sitabo- A quirky tale of Mirza and Baankey

Gulabo Sitabo is an interesting story set in Lucknow and revolves around a quirky tale between the owner of a mansion and tenant. The story is a portrayal of a laughless mirth and points to the people who actually knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. The director Shoojit Sircar has done a wonderful job along with the tremendous performances from the lead duo Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana lit up the plot. Gulabo Sitabo is a movie with a story of two men whose cards are all laid out on the table but there is no certainty about what are they upto. But throughout the story, the audience can’t guess about the climax which keeps the plot very intriguing.


Mirza, the landlord of Fatima Mahal, Old Lucknow who fights a cranky war with all of his tenants, he steals their light bulbs, cuts their power and locks them out of spare washrooms. Amidst of all the vermin, Baankey is Mirza’s first target who stays with his huge family in a room of Fatima Mahal and pays the rent of rs 30 and sometimes he misses that too. The main fight escalates when they were confused about who would fix the bathroom wall.

Although this film Gulabo Sitabo is a very unique premise and revolves around its refreshing characters and masterful cinematography. It is no doubt a well-crafted satire that surely evokes a riot of emotions throughout the storyline. It is truly a pleasant watch, Gulabo Sitabo was always in my must-watch list,  when I came to know about its OOT platform release during the lockdown, I claimed to watch it on the first night first show which turned to be a mesmerizing journey consisting of a unique storyline.

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