The Spy – Reader’s review

I have always been a fan of Paulo Coelho, I don’t miss any of his books. He always amaze me with his different shades of writing, since Alchemist days, I have admired his concepts throughout his works of art. The Spy is all about the life circles around the exotic dancer MATA HARI, the way she developed through a series of change during her lifetime is truly phenomenon. With this book, Coelho proves his contemporary lessons once again, The Spy is truly an amazing read .

Through the book, we travel back in time to the world war scenes, as The Spy by Paulo Coelho uncovers the tragic story of cultural icon Mata Hari. The tale of a poor Dutch woman who reinvented herself in Paris as an exotic dancer, with her continuous ambition, glamour, love, secrecy and ill choices ruling her life with her own terms, readers will be taken aback by the final fate of this famous figure.

Mata Hari was an in demand figure during her influence as a charming and attractive woman of the society. While being one of the most powerful dancers who was an asset to the country because of her huge influence, Mata Hari was arrested before the end of the Great War, charged with acts of treason for spying. That shocked everyone who knew her well enough, The spy is all about her life portraying a different charm till the end, this story by Paulo Coelho is based on a life of an influencing dancer whose life comes to an end during the course of worrying war culture. The Spy is a must read for everyone, the climax will emotionally enrich you.

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