Five films with progressive women characters

While you think there are not much of the films made upon strong female characters, you can find out the Bollywood movies like Raazi, English Vinglish, Neerja and many more in the list. In unconventional films, where content has always been a winner, you may really find realistic female characters through the shades of their fighting spirit. If you are in search of well-curated content lead by women in Bollywood here are few glimpses of these intriguing performances by leading Bollywood actresses.

English Vinglish:

The comeback film of the legendary actress, Sridevi is a portrayal of a housewife, Shashi who is usually mocked by her family for not knowing English properly. The film by Gauri Shinde revolves around rediscovering of herself through English learning session of Shashi. English Vinglish is truly a realistic cinema, Shashi finds her own motivations rather than engulfing herself only in the household chores, the film shows how much an Indian lady has to put in to ger appreciation from her own family. So, when it comes to choose women centric films, English Vinglish is surely one of those.




A compelling cast led by Alia Bhatt and directed by Meghna Gulzar, Raazi is a soulful watch. A moie dedicated to the unsung heroes of our country who sacrifice their emotions toward their family just to serve the nation. The story of Sehmat revolves around sealing her fate as an Indian spy, she undergoes a training under Indian Intelligence agent before marrying Iqbal Syed. The story portrays Sehmat’s struggle to uncover the hidden information from her new family. It’s a must watch for everyone, comprising of lead female protagonist as well as an essence of serving Nation, Raazi is truly recommended.




Well, there have been a series of well-curated movies, but Kahaani is on the top-notch, it’s a story written and executed well. Kahaani is truly one of the best thrillers based on the charm of Kolkata. The female protagonist Vidya Bhagchi, a pregnant woman who travels to Kolkata from London in search of her missing husband and when she finds more gripping clues to, she realizes that there is more addition to the fact of missing. Kahaani portrays the journey of Vidya with twists and turns till the climax. I must say this Sujoy Ghosh film is a proper blend of realistic and progressive charm of the lead character.




Neerja is an autobiographical film by Ram Madhvani. The lead protagonist Neerja, a flight attendant who boards a flight later hijacked by a group of terrorists. The real hero Neerja risks her life to save the passengers in the flight and dies at the end. This film is a mind-blowing addition to the list of women centric films, Neerja raises the true spirit of every women in India. I must say Sonam Kapoor has portrayed the inspiring tale with a proper detailing act.



Queen has been another landmark in the series of progressive women characters in Bollywood, its truly a piece of amazing script which revolves around a sheer brilliance in Kangana’s character. She has always been a wonderful actor, her innocence in the film will make you fall in love with her again and again. Rani decides to go on her honeymoon alone, after her fiancé leaves her before their wedding. This story is the portrayal of Rani’s life about rediscovering herself again and again.







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