Batch of 2020

I never really thought that I would be writing this anyday, being a batch of 2020, I never ever dreamed of thinking about uncertainty regarding the future aspects of ours. We really have been the unlucky one, whether its be one of the most memorable days of college farewell or making a countdown for every single moment for one last time, we missed it all. Virtual goodbyes are never enough, its always shooting to hug friends for one last time in college. There will be no party where we will gather together one final time, while sharing bonds with close ones for last four years in college, I never ever made any thought of not meeting with them during farewell ceremony. Due to pandemic outbreak around the globe, while we all are leading each and every moment full of uncertain facts, we can’t even miss our college days well enough. I have always heard from seniors that we do miss the enjoyments of college life once it finishes, but I never really thought I will miss my college corridors this much. This college has given me so much, the faculties, friends, seniors and juniors they all returned love to me. Graduating always gives immense pleasure, its a step forward to the corporate world, but for the batch of 2020, the final semester has been truly a disaster.

While after the campus placements, I made a series of plans but it all went badly affected due to the never-ending days of lockdown. But all of a sudden, the only positivity I have developed of becoming mature enough to accept these scary circumstances of our surroundings. This year has been full of ‘NO’s’, no farewell celebrations, no graduation ceremony ( Though we don’t have any idea of when we are able to call us graduate due to big uncertainty of final semester exams), no last day group photographs in college, no final goodbyes to friends. I must admit, amidst of all uncertain future facts, its unpleasing to memorize the experience of an uncomfortable adulting phase ahead of us. Taking one step forward from college life to corporate sector, its always handful of emotions mixed with much excitements, but the new normal has developed a ritual of work from home for endless times. We are probably full of incomplete wish-list, I never imagines to cancel outings with friends, while we were desperate to plan trips after placements, the pandemic outbreak washed away our last plans. Still today, little we know that our expectation of meeting very soon would just move into the helix of uncertainty. But we don’t have anything  in our hands to do any better without keeping ourselves positive enough to go through the flow of life. Unfortunate vibes throughout our imaginary aspect has made us believe in the true facts of life. Hoping to get back to normal phase some day very soon.

Hoping for a better life,


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