A letter for Sushant Singh Rajput

With a heavy heart and mourning agony, I’m penning down these emotional lines. From Kai Poche to Dil Bechara, your lively performances enchanted us. I never thought I would be writing the painful words for you, I have always been your fan, I have always admired your talented aspiration. What a lively actor you have been, from portraying Ishaan in Kai Poche to Mansoor in Kedarnath, from Ani in Chichhore to Manny in Dil Bechara, you have always entertained your fans. The heartwarming messages you conveyed through your high-spirited roles in your sparkling films have been cheerful enough to simulate us. Today when I’m penning down these heartfelt words for you, I am all in tears. I have always adored your ideas about cosmology and the universe, I have admired your talents, but while you are no more with us, I still recollect those fifty wishes you shared in your social media handle. So, today when I finished watching your last film, Dil Bechara, I couldn’t believe that I won’t be able to watch your heroic entry on-screen and catch your beautiful smile once again. You were born a star and even after demise, you will still remain the brightest star in the middle of your favorite universe.

From a fan of yours..


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