Harry and The Time Turner

While everything came to a confining end after The Hogwarts Battle, the trio, Harry, Hermione and Ron start a new beginning towards hope and aspiration. But amidst of the freedom gained from Voldemort’s dark magic and winning over the phenomenal war, Harry feels restless. He has lost a number of friends tonight including Prof. Snape who had always been a proper antonym to Harry from the very first day. At the end Snape turns out to be the most courageous person in this wizarding world of Hogwarts. When Voldemort killed his loyal follower Snape to acquire the audacity of the elder wand, Harry look his last memories to pensive where he found the greatest truth. Severus Snape has always guiding Harry from the very beginning; he has protected him by means of any terms and tried to sacrifice himself to the dark lord just to keep Harry safe. Harry couldn’t get a little glimpse about all these, the person he hated the most during his school days turned out to be a true hero at the end.

While resting in Gryffindor common room, Harry could only think of his bitter memories against the half blood prince. Hermione asks, “Is everything all right, Harry?”

Harry answers,” Yes!! Yes!! Do you have the time turner with you?”

Hermione depressed, “No, Harry, I lost it during the attack in ministry. Why are you asking for it?? Take rest Harry!! Good night.”

Harry feels disheartened, he never had a well-mannered conversation with Snape, but now when he knows Snape’s favour for him, he desperately wishes to meet him once. While he can’t find his resurrection stone which he left at the forbidden forest, he collects his invisible cloak and visits the mirror of Erised which according to Dumbledore showed the deepest and most desperate desire our hearts.

Harry could get of glance of Snape in the mirror with a broad smile of admiration, Harry felt relieved. He found the time turner in his pocket and within few turns, he finds himself in the glorious days of Hogwarts. He could remember the magical moments in the corners of this castle and how within time, he developed a bitter relationship with their Potion teacher. But lastly, he found admiration towards Snape’s words and Harry found himself sharing feelings with him at the hanging bridge. While Snape continued telling stories from Harry’s parents bonding and how he has taken the oath to protect Harry at any cost, their bond became stronger and stronger. Harry confidently asks, “After all this time?”

Snape smilingly answers, “Always!!”

“Harry!! Wake up!! It’s already morning!!” Hermione shouted.

Harry finds himself at the Weasley’s, he finds all the interactions with Snape was a dream. But whatever happened through the dream made Harry the happiest, at least he could share his feelings in honour to celebrate Snape’s audacity. The memories he never lived were cherished in his dream forever. A new beginning was waiting for the best friends ahead of their future.

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