Tasher Ghawr- Hoichoi

Tasher Ghawr is a beautiful portrayal of Sujata’s story during a basic lockdown day. This feature film is an absolute visual to the eye, the 47 minutes long film portrays a story of an unhappy housewife who is tired of managing her broken relationship with her husband. Despite her troubled happening daily, she manages to stay elated with her vivid storytelling. Based on a lockdown schedule, Tahser Ghawr gifts the impression of eternity. Swastika Mukherjee as Sujata has beautifully portrayed a simple yet vibrant character of a housewife, the protagonist conveys her simple story where she enjoys her own company and the company of fellow objects surrounding her. Sujata knows every bit of her struggle through the daily journey of her life but she always tries to overwhelm differently.

I really loved the film which has a simple message of storytelling. Sudipto Roy has shown us an experimental way to enhance the beauty of a simple story narrated by the protagonist. The women-centric view in the film was truly remarkable, with Sujata’s own world of vivid experiences and imagination, the plot revolves around a conclusion with a message of freedom.

Aamar mukti aaloy aaloy ei aakashe,
Aamar mukti dhulay dhulay ghaase ghaase.
(Tagore’s song)

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