The uncertain feel of Durga Pujo in 2020

While anyone asks a Bengali, “What is so special about Durga Puja?”
A Bengali will definitely reply back, “what not??”
Yes, Durga Puja is all about its special ‘Aagomoni’ of Maa Durga. When Bengalis turn into the authentic voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra, we can truly sense that Durga puja is around the corner, The best feeling of reviving Devi-Paksha and welcoming the homecoming of Devi Durga gives an immense pleasure with a melody full of holy chants. When its a week away to celebrate Bengali’s biggest festival, it’s obviously an entertaining phase to welcome the ten days long stay of Maa Durga. It’s an assuring time to enjoy the flow of beauty of puja in the city of joy. But this year has been full of uncertainties, this year has been full of unpredictable happenings surrounded. So, while Mahalaya is just a week away, we still don’t possess the same excitement as in previous years. While its the perfect time to tune into pre puja exhilaration, we all are still maintaining a strict social distancing staying positively at home. So, 2020 would never be the same as last decade, it would not receive the enthralling excitement during Durga Puja.
Yes, Durga Puja is all about its epitomizing victory of good over evil. For any Bengali across the globe, Durga Puja is the most vivid part of their lives. From the pandal hopping to enjoying the lavishness of puja is the main attraction during this carnival. But this year everything would be uncertain due to global pandemic, this year there would be no excitement for the pre-puja shopping, there would be no planned activities with family and friends, there would be no walking will miles through night shenanigans.
This year, I am still full of negativity all through, the COVID flow is still on across the world. In the time flow, Maa Durga’s Aagomoni is still uncertain. Will she be able to come here amidst uncertainties all around? Will she be able to cure the curses of coronavirus across the globe? Yes, Devi ma Durga can surely help us to create a new world full of certainty once again.

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