A whole new emotion for Durga Puja 2020

Durga Puja has been an emotional sentiment to every single Bengali around the globe, Durga Puja revolves around celebrating the cultural and aesthetic tradition of Bengal. But this year we have celebrated Durga Puja in a very different way, attached with some throwback emotions during Puja, we tried to be safe as well due to the pandemic situation around the world. While we mostly remained enjoyed by little happiness and newly developed emotions this year, I just tried to mention the new touching involvement of Puja in this article.

Nothing dominates the creativity of Durga Puja 2020:
Due to the sensitive pandemic situation in 2020, we all have faced severe circumstances from the very beginning months of the year. Dura Puja celebrations were quite uncertain due to the current scenario around. But nothing can dominate the spirit of Durga Puja in Bengal, nothing actually can exclude the creativity from Bengal’s heart altogether. So mentioning the current situations, every pandal of this city has decked up in the same old creative mind but with safer notifications this year.

Missing pandal hopping with endless walks and having street foods during puja:

Pandal hopping from North to South Calcutta has been an integral part of every Bengali here, but due to the new rules of maintaining social distancing, pandal hopping was not that much part of our life this year. While walking down the streets endlessly with family and friends, we never missed having spicy street foods. Those outings with extra added charms of pandals and creative minds gave goosebumps to the viewers. But this year we all absolutely missed those days of pandal hopping freely.

No adda with friends at Maddox Square:
This year has been extremely unfortunate for every friend who meets once a year and tends to have endless hours of adda at Maddox Square. Adda during puja hours around the ‘dhaak er awaj’ has been extremely sensational for ages, but the current scenario was preoccupied with safety rules, so the traditional pujo of South Calcutta didn’t open their gates to allow adda in the square.

Experiencing virtual lives from eminent pandals on social media handles:
There’s nothing that can defeat the real experience of watching idols and pandals. But due to some unfortunate conditions of the year, eminent pujo pandals chose to arrange live sessions virtually on their social media handles so that audiences from far can experience the feel of pujo rituals. But somehow we all managed to watch pujo parikrama on tv and maintained ourselves to stay home to be safe, so the precise feeling of pujo visuals was badly missed.

Missed Bhasan Nach:
Dashami day has always made us emotional while it’s the time for Maa Durga to return to Kailash once again. Sindur Khela and Bhasan nach for the enjoyment of the very last moment has been an integral part of Bengali’s emotion for ages. This year we have changed our views too, we have managed to stay home to be safe and to make others safe from the virus. So we all missed the last moment of heartfelt attachment while the idols get immersed in the sacred water of Ganges and we all encourage over ‘Asche bochor abar hobe’.

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