Kolkata GlitZ Award show Season 5

Kolkata GlitZ Award show Season 5 was commenced on 8th November, 2020. The award show is a testament to the skill, ingenuity and vision of its creators. The evening was lit up with celebrities from mainly TV industry of Tollywood. The best chosen performers were awarded during the show.

In the starry evening, the winners were overwhelmed to win their awards in their respective categories mentioned.

1. Best Short Film- Palok (Directer Ratool Mukherjee)

2. Young Achiever Male (Viewer’s Choice)- Swarnadipto Ghosh (Netaji Serial)

3. Young Achiever Female (Viewer’s Choice)- Annwesha Hazra( chuni panna serial)

4. Young Achiever Male (Jury’s Choice)- Dibyojyoti Dutta (chuni panna serial)

5. Young Achiever Female (Jury’s Choice)- Sonamoni Saha (Mohor serial)

6. Most Stylish Actor (TV)- Syed Arefin (Irabotir chupkotha)

7. Most Stylish Actress (TV)- Anamika Chakraborty (Ekhane Akash Neel)

8. Best Versatile Actor- Bhaswar Chatterjee

9. Most Notable Performance Male (TV)- Abhishek Bose (Netaji)

10. Most Notable Performance Female (TV)- Ushasie Chakraborty (Sreemoyee)

11. KG Icon Male- Sean Banerjee (Ekhane Akash Neel)

12. KG Icon Female- Basabdatta Chatterjee

13. Most Popular Couple (Viewer’s Choice)- Sean Banerjee & Anamika Chakraborty

14. Most Favourite Couple- Rahul Mazumdar & Prity Biswas

“I didn’t expect the commencing of season5 of the award show in the middle of pandemic. But we received huge responses in the category of public voting this year. Receiving the huge responses from the audience made us encouraged to opt for the show. Thanks to all the celebrities associated and same thanks to the audiences around who has helped us a lot. If our audience keeps supporting us, we can grow more in the future”, added Sumi Mitra, founder and owner of Kolkata GlitZ.

The award show was a huge success, this encouraged the moment of the evening amidst the pandemic also. Award is all about encouraging actors and filmmakers and others associated with the process of filmmaking. Kolkata GlitZ Award show Season 5 truly turned out to be a wonderful one along with the presence of talented personalities from the film and TV industry of Tollywood.

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