2020 Summed Up

2020 has been a disaster for everyone around the globe due to the long stretched pandemic situation surrounded. Yes, it’s been full of unpleasant memories during lockdown but it has helped me to regain my patience about works around me. 2020 will always remain an interesting year to me, I have made some tough choices about my career this year. For the last few years, I have been attached to the media industry as well as continuing my studies. But this year has helped me to find a better self both in personal and professional space. I have never aspired to be a writer for the film industry but somehow it was a dream comes true.
I have stepped into the world of filmmaking, I had not much clue about the working procedure of this industry but all I had a dream to tell stories to the world. Yes, that’s my aspiration and I’m way ahead to fulfill that very soon. This year I rejected a job offer from Cognizant and I chose to live my dreams. Belonging from a non-filmy background it was quite a hurdle to step into this world of uncertainty. But I think I have accepted it well, right now I am enjoying my exciting works with one of the biggest production houses in this city. My first project will be launched on Bollywood TV so it was kind of unexpected to work with the Bollywood industry at a very early day of my career. Some other collaborations are on the way, some interesting updates are coming in the future. Yes, 2020 has been a year of mixed feelings with both exciting and boring news alongside. I have enjoyed it a lot, I have outshined a lot, I have made new friends from the film industry. I have bonded strongly with my close ones also. So it’s the last day of 2020, till then bye and I am happy to welcome the new year with new grace and possibilities around.

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